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What Spider-man 4 should and shouldn’t be August 17, 2007

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Like many fans i enjoyed Spider-Man 3 at the time of first seeing it, but then after a few weeks you look back and see all the things that could’ve made it better. So here is my thoughts on what went wrong the what the future sequels should have to make them fresh and exciting.

I think that in Spider-man 4 there should be very limited time of mary jane in the story. In spider-man 1 we saw peter pining after MJ and befriending her, in spider-man 2 they grew apart while falling in love, and in spider-man 3 they went from being happy to miserable.

For the films; the MJ and peter parker story has run it’s course, we don’t need to see anymore as we’ve had three films worth so far. The format has become stale, it’s like those great TV shows that start off with a great first season of characters dating on and off but then in the second and third seasons new characters are introduced, dated and then gone and forgotten by the end of the season while the orginal characters get back to their on-again-off-again relationships that by now have lost their appeal.

I understand that Peter isn’t the most happiest of superheroes, but he need to lighten up a little so the fans don’t feel so depressed and sorry for him.

So here is how i see Spider-man 4 being a fresh spidey story and major hit. The theme will be ‘THE HUNT’ (see below)
Mary jane and peter have broken up, it’s been a few months, they’ve eached moved on although they are still there for each other when needed, Peter is dating Betty Brant and is doing relatively well at the paper and at college. He and Dr connors have grown closer and frequently do experiments together as friends.
Now the meat of the story unfolds. Loose on the streets of New York is a maniacal serial killer who craves nothing but death and blood, he is of course Cletus Kassidy (Human Kassidy) he has claimed several victims thus far in a string of killing and attacks. One night he finds Mary Jane,  she becomes critically wounded (comatose, scarred, virtually dead) Peter parker finds out and all his feelings of anger come back, doubled this time by the fat that he wasn’t there to save like he did in every single film so far (this is important as she has gotten taken in every movie and recovered without a scratch) Peter finds out that it was Kassidy but knows that he, Peter, is no killer, so he decides that he needs  one thing to help in his quest for justice, he goes to Dr Connors lab and steals the mutated/offspringed symbiote of Venom that is Carnage, he bonds with Carnage and searches for Kassidy.

For the Majority of the film we see much more of Spider-man than peter parker as the movie is called Spider-man 4, not peter parker 4. This starts the theme of the hunt as spider-carnage hunts for Kassidy, as he does this he is attacked by another hunter, Kraven who comes to new york to kill the greatest game of all Spider-Man, So Kraven hunts Spidey, Spidey hunts Kassidy.

Spidey finds Kassidy and since he’s only human, spidey doesn’t get his ass handed to him or his costume ripped to shreds, he injures, and by that i mean when he hits Kassidy there is actual evidence of trauma unlike spidey drop kincking the powerless Doc Ock and not leaving so much as a red mark. During the attack the Carnage Symbiote senses the evil in Kassidy and betrays spidey by bonding with Kassidy making the evil Carnage character.

This is a great chance to do a symbiote story PROPERLY, i know Sam Raimi had no love for Venom, but i find Venom to be one of the most interesting and vile characters because he didn’t rob banks or want to do science projects or rule the world, he was a direct enemy of Spider-man who’s only goal was to kill spider-man, in the third film this whole lengthy pschycological pursuit of spider-man and beating him at evey corner was totally left out or squeezedd into five minutes at the end, What’s worse is that Venom teams up with sandman before he even take a shot at Spidey himself, The CGI work was amazing but simply not used enough, we only see his Venom face once for about thrity seconds the rest of the time he is whizzing by so fast you can’t even focus on him.

What i think failed in spidey 3 wasn’t that they included too much but they didn’t have enough balance to tell the full story, there was about 3/4 of the film with Peter and Mary jane moaning at each other or on the phone, 5 mins of Venom and about twenty minutes of sandman, this took away all the characterisation of the villains that make you value their place in the story.

The forth should be like Empires’, equal amounts of the segments of the story, the villian(s) (Darth Vader on the Star Destroyer), the hero (Luke on Dagobah) and other characters to show the impact of the story (Han and Leia)

I’m not sure how the rest of the story should go but i think the ending shouldn’t have a complete resolution like 2 and 3. In spider-man, Peter is left with more happening as he and harry talk bout his fathers death. In the second, MJ comes to peter and they are loved up and the end equalling a happy ending, in the third although Harry dies he becomes a good guy and so has a heroic end, a little sad, but venom is defeated and sandman leaves, so things look pretty resolved

In the end of the forth i think the carnage symbiote having been turned further evil by Cassidy should re-bond with Spider-man and we should see peter’s face underneath screaming a silent scream with tears running down his face as the symboite tortures his mind… fade to black with a to be continued line.

Important things that should and shouldn’t happen in the story:

  1. Spider-man is not unmasked, so far Green Goblin knew who he was as did Harry, Mary Jane, Doc Ock, Sandman, Venom and a  whole bunch of people on the train, i mean it’s a wonder the whole of New York doesn’t know.
  2. Flat un-interesting continuation of the Peter/MJ story thats been done to death.
  3. More time for the villains to shine.
  4. More Spidey than parker, we’ve got three films full of parker.

Too many “Super” average people in movies September 17, 2006

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Damn you Wachowski Brothers and Joss whedon!

You made the idea of average people defying gravity and performing dance-martial-arts too easy… In the matrix they are not ‘really there’ and thus it’s in the power of their mind. When you get bitten by a vampire you instantly know karate and don’t get hurt when punched. Ever since these came out every protagonist in action films seems invincibly powerful.

I am tired of seeing the characters of blockbusters and thrillers, and action films so unrealistic. Arnie didn’t pump his body so hard to win, to be replaced by characters who can do triple-backflips-onto-springboard-(with no board), then get into complicated punching-and-kicking-dancing-moves while being an expert gunfighter and sword-fighter and-leaping twentyfeet-into-the-air and landing without so much as a pain in the ankle.

Here is a small list of unnatural ‘super’ average people…

  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Elektra
  • Bulletproof Monk
  • Resident Evil
  • Serenity
  • Aeon Flux
  • Underworld
  • Hero
  • House of Flying Daggers

The future of Movies (or how i learned to worry about a films story over the actors publicity) September 12, 2006

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When i sit down to watch a great film that i have as part of my collection, i know two things.. The story, setting or characters have something that i am interested in and, depending on the genre, the actors portray their characters well enough for me to have enjoyed their performance.

Something unfortunate is happening to a great art, that i hope will not continue at the rate it has been. That something, is actors lives overshadowing the story and characters they play.

With communication and digital lifestyles the way they are, we are prone to information that we sometimes we really don’t need to know.

‘Celebrity’ is ruining the stories being put to film…

When a movie is released only film critics and specialist reviewers report on the film and it’s merits itself. Many of the film reviews the public see are more focused on the relationships or troubles or scandals of the actors lives, rather that the characters the actors play.

As an example, when “Something of the worlds” and “Something begins” were released i learned more than i could care about, concerning the actors who starred in the Films. “Mr and Mrs something” was overshadowed by the relationship issues of the actors.

i spend 90 minutes + watching a film because i want to watch an interesting, thought-provoking story, or a Laugh-out-loud comedy that’ll have a spark of meaning, or i hope to see the good guy beat the bad guy, with lots of gratuitous action. I don’t want to start the journey with such a negative, positive or any kind of perspective of the cast. I don’t care about them, i care about the characters they play and knowing too much non-sense about the actors ruins they way you watch the film itself.

As a scriptwriter, one of my worst fears in getting a story that i’ve worked hard on produced, is it being set aside because the lead actor is in the tabloids and made to be more publicised than the story.

The Idiocy of Warner Bros. September 9, 2006

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When i went to see “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” in the cinema i was very pleased at how good it was, and how it showed the darker atmosphere and more adult tones that the book had. However i, like many fans of the books i’m sure, were disappointed to have not seen the parts concerning the history of the Marauders map, and other scenes from the book that could’ve been integrated without complicating the movie adaption.

As it was, there weren’t many scenes left out. But when the considerably longer book ‘Goblet of Fire’ was adapted and released, there were larger and more essential plot points missing that convoluted the story, as well as scenes like the Quidditch world cup, the weasly’s meeting the dursley’s that were passed over because of time issues.

When it came time for the DVD release of “Goblet of Fire” i had hopeful expectations that because of time constraints in the cinema, but not at home, the studios would of course release an extended edition as was done with the Lord of the rings trilogy. Alas the idiocy of the studios became apparent, They not only had missed a great opportunity to please the fans that were disappointed in the missing scenes but they had had the opportunity to make more money off of the “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire extended edition” that would’ve sold very well.

Having been following the news of the upcoming “Harry Potter and The order of the Phoenix” i am again sorry to hear that the Quidditch scenes have been cut. In the fourth book Quidditch isn’t featured at Hogwarts because of the tournament, only the world cup had the game. In ‘Order of the Phoenix’ there is a large part of the overall story that features Ron Weasly joining the team to prove himself as something more that just famous Harry Potter’s friend and reading it, it is good to see Ron having something of his own to be proud of…

So it seems that this whole arc is going to be cut, and if the studio follows their current business, we fans will not be able to see this on DVD either.

V for Vehemently, viciously, victorious in venture!! August 24, 2006

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V VendettaHaving recently delved into the Graphic novelisation medium and the Movie adaptions of character driven stories, i am pleased to have watched and thus review this London-based film of greatness. V for Vendetta is a film about a masked freedom fighter called simply “V”, his mission is to bring about a revolution in the dictatorship governed dystopian view of future England. I feel i need to mention that as a Londoner i did not find this film to be disrespectful of current events in the world such as the July 7th 2005 bombings, as it is fictional and meant to show us what society is not allowed to become.

V for vendetta“V” himself is a memorable, eloquent character. A seemingly peaceful, educated and refined man, only driven to violence to preserve freedom for himself the masses and serve up a little vengeance too. Watching Hugo Weaving play him is a delight as he expresses such passion, and love, and peace without using his face , which of course is concealed behind the striking Guy Fawkes mask .

Natalie Portman V Vendetta

Natalie Portman once again performs admirably, proving the caliber of actress she is, and the level of commitment she takes in her work. Supporting characters all work wonderfully, most notably, Stephen Fry and the convincing John Hurt.

What i loved about this film is that it is a hero film with a purpose, The characters are all involved because it would be cowardly not too, the hero is a hero because he acts but the film is not about how he acts (although there are some good knife scenes), it is about why he acts, something that is missing from other superhero movies out there.

The message is clear… Freedom is Life and Life is what you make it.