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Review: Marvel Zombies December 28, 2006

Posted by scartissuemark in Book Reviews.
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I found this book to be an enjoyable read, it doesn’t try to be anything more than a bit of fun with favorite characters given a zombie-twist. I wouldn’t get it on hardback, better to wait for a cheap paperback during a sales period.


Review: X23 – Innocence Lost December 1, 2006

Posted by scartissuemark in Book Reviews.
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I had previously seen the character of X23 in the ‘X-Men Evolution’ cartoon and was very excited to read the comic of her origins.

The story is by no means nice, it is a abusive look into a lack of humanity exhibited in the pursuit of monetary profit. Their are far more dislikable characters in the story than there are good, yet you see the ideals and motives of the main character Sarah Kinney change as she watches X23 grow into a captive, deadly killer over being that of being a child.

There are some great twists and turns in the story, plenty of action and emotion that fits into the whole mood of the story and characters