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“Muhammad” bear in the news (hope i don’t get executed for saying that name) November 30, 2007

Posted by scartissuemark in Interests, thoughts and Opinions.

I am disgusted at the Sudanese people on the news, marching around carrying swords saying that the teacher not them is the one inciting hatred.

HELLO, you’re carrying swords demanding a woman be killed for allowing children to name a bear a particular name, how is that not inciting hatred?

Are they so insecure about their religion that they believe someone defaming the name of their prophet will forever change his perception, I don’t care if someone called Jesus every name under the sun, because i know in my self that it doesn’t matter what they say, because it won’t change what i know about him.

And the news is just stating this information, WHY are they not acting more forceful in the defense of one of our own, i understand that Britain is a tolerant country full of ethnic and religious diversity, but WE ARE a christian/catholic country in the end and we should damn well stand up for our own ways as they do, if a Christian marched down the street in a muslim country protesting something or marching for a cause, they’d most likely be beheaded, over here if a person of any religion marched for their own reason the government would give them a path, a voice and recognition to the world and allow their views to be heard even if those views defame another’s, Abu hamza anyone?

I don’t want Britain to be a nation that controls or defames others but we should re-establish that this is Britain and should stay Britain and not change into any other country or culture because our government allows every religion to come in and slowly take over, i mean, in Australia and America you have to take citizenship test and the like and conform to a degree to our culture in order to stay, Britain’s government has the country becomimg global pussy’s that will soon be taken over and changed forever.



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