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What Spider-man 4 should and shouldn’t be August 17, 2007

Posted by scartissuemark in Movie Reviews, Screenplay's, Stories, Scripts, Treatments....

Like many fans i enjoyed Spider-Man 3 at the time of first seeing it, but then after a few weeks you look back and see all the things that could’ve made it better. So here is my thoughts on what went wrong the what the future sequels should have to make them fresh and exciting.

I think that in Spider-man 4 there should be very limited time of mary jane in the story. In spider-man 1 we saw peter pining after MJ and befriending her, in spider-man 2 they grew apart while falling in love, and in spider-man 3 they went from being happy to miserable.

For the films; the MJ and peter parker story has run it’s course, we don’t need to see anymore as we’ve had three films worth so far. The format has become stale, it’s like those great TV shows that start off with a great first season of characters dating on and off but then in the second and third seasons new characters are introduced, dated and then gone and forgotten by the end of the season while the orginal characters get back to their on-again-off-again relationships that by now have lost their appeal.

I understand that Peter isn’t the most happiest of superheroes, but he need to lighten up a little so the fans don’t feel so depressed and sorry for him.

So here is how i see Spider-man 4 being a fresh spidey story and major hit. The theme will be ‘THE HUNT’ (see below)
Mary jane and peter have broken up, it’s been a few months, they’ve eached moved on although they are still there for each other when needed, Peter is dating Betty Brant and is doing relatively well at the paper and at college. He and Dr connors have grown closer and frequently do experiments together as friends.
Now the meat of the story unfolds. Loose on the streets of New York is a maniacal serial killer who craves nothing but death and blood, he is of course Cletus Kassidy (Human Kassidy) he has claimed several victims thus far in a string of killing and attacks. One night he finds Mary Jane,  she becomes critically wounded (comatose, scarred, virtually dead) Peter parker finds out and all his feelings of anger come back, doubled this time by the fat that he wasn’t there to save like he did in every single film so far (this is important as she has gotten taken in every movie and recovered without a scratch) Peter finds out that it was Kassidy but knows that he, Peter, is no killer, so he decides that he needs  one thing to help in his quest for justice, he goes to Dr Connors lab and steals the mutated/offspringed symbiote of Venom that is Carnage, he bonds with Carnage and searches for Kassidy.

For the Majority of the film we see much more of Spider-man than peter parker as the movie is called Spider-man 4, not peter parker 4. This starts the theme of the hunt as spider-carnage hunts for Kassidy, as he does this he is attacked by another hunter, Kraven who comes to new york to kill the greatest game of all Spider-Man, So Kraven hunts Spidey, Spidey hunts Kassidy.

Spidey finds Kassidy and since he’s only human, spidey doesn’t get his ass handed to him or his costume ripped to shreds, he injures, and by that i mean when he hits Kassidy there is actual evidence of trauma unlike spidey drop kincking the powerless Doc Ock and not leaving so much as a red mark. During the attack the Carnage Symbiote senses the evil in Kassidy and betrays spidey by bonding with Kassidy making the evil Carnage character.

This is a great chance to do a symbiote story PROPERLY, i know Sam Raimi had no love for Venom, but i find Venom to be one of the most interesting and vile characters because he didn’t rob banks or want to do science projects or rule the world, he was a direct enemy of Spider-man who’s only goal was to kill spider-man, in the third film this whole lengthy pschycological pursuit of spider-man and beating him at evey corner was totally left out or squeezedd into five minutes at the end, What’s worse is that Venom teams up with sandman before he even take a shot at Spidey himself, The CGI work was amazing but simply not used enough, we only see his Venom face once for about thrity seconds the rest of the time he is whizzing by so fast you can’t even focus on him.

What i think failed in spidey 3 wasn’t that they included too much but they didn’t have enough balance to tell the full story, there was about 3/4 of the film with Peter and Mary jane moaning at each other or on the phone, 5 mins of Venom and about twenty minutes of sandman, this took away all the characterisation of the villains that make you value their place in the story.

The forth should be like Empires’, equal amounts of the segments of the story, the villian(s) (Darth Vader on the Star Destroyer), the hero (Luke on Dagobah) and other characters to show the impact of the story (Han and Leia)

I’m not sure how the rest of the story should go but i think the ending shouldn’t have a complete resolution like 2 and 3. In spider-man, Peter is left with more happening as he and harry talk bout his fathers death. In the second, MJ comes to peter and they are loved up and the end equalling a happy ending, in the third although Harry dies he becomes a good guy and so has a heroic end, a little sad, but venom is defeated and sandman leaves, so things look pretty resolved

In the end of the forth i think the carnage symbiote having been turned further evil by Cassidy should re-bond with Spider-man and we should see peter’s face underneath screaming a silent scream with tears running down his face as the symboite tortures his mind… fade to black with a to be continued line.

Important things that should and shouldn’t happen in the story:

  1. Spider-man is not unmasked, so far Green Goblin knew who he was as did Harry, Mary Jane, Doc Ock, Sandman, Venom and a  whole bunch of people on the train, i mean it’s a wonder the whole of New York doesn’t know.
  2. Flat un-interesting continuation of the Peter/MJ story thats been done to death.
  3. More time for the villains to shine.
  4. More Spidey than parker, we’ve got three films full of parker.


1. Amir Aziz - February 23, 2009

my idea for spiderman 4 should be form the first movie spiderman 1 the spider that bite peter still alive, so i think the spider should bite another person who is like peter a student that everyone made fun of hum and turn to be bad guy and he wants to take revenge from the people that treated him bad and to get revenge from the whole community and start to kill people and then the other spiderman who is peter try to defend the community and try to stop the other spiderman and you take it from now and on and make a story i just started the story and who ever can finish it i think it will be a great story

Thank you

2. Billy Pitzer - April 28, 2009

This is the whole story of spider-man, that i think should be there.

it shouldn’t start with peter parker narating. it should start at dr. coners lab, and he’s doing some expariments with liserds, to try to grow his arm back, so that he could have to. so, he makes a drink, from the lisered DNA, and drinks it, and it dosen’t get digested, and it mixes with his blood, and with his, DNA, and his arm grows back, but he tranceforms into the lisered.

now this next part isn’t true to the comics.

now, after the lisered is born, then something else terrible is happening. if you remember from part 3, perer parker brought the symbiote sample into dr. coners for testing. well its still there. and then, the lisered nockes it over, with its tail, and the black gue comes out, and emediatly senses its agresion. then it attaches on to him, and then he can shoot webs, (from spider-man), and he can breath fire, (an additional feture). then he breakes out of the lab, and he starts web swining his way through the city. and he’s now filled with so much rage, cuz of the sute, and cuz the sute now told conners that peter didn’t listen to his advise, over the phone, in part 3, when he asks him if he put any more of that stuff onto him, under the influence of the symbiote, and now conneres wants revenge.

then you met peter parker, but he’s not in his spider-man sute. he’s with mary jane, and she’s asking him why he punched her, (cuz if you remember at the bar in part 3, when peter got in a huge fight, then he punched her), and he dosen’t tell her why. this is because he makes a promise to the symbiote, (if you rembember at the end of part 3, when peter parker’s trying to get the sute off of him, this was a seen that they deleted, but they show it as a flashback in part 4, that in his mind, the sute is talking to him, and telling him that what ever you do, don’t tell mj, that it is what convinced you to hit her, [kinda like in part 1, when norman tells peter not to tell harry, then he dies, huh]). so he dosn’t tell her, and it gets ugly, and she leaves new york city, cuz she’s so alone, and has nobody to lean on, so she leaves the city, and she gose to LA, and she tryes for acting there, and she siscedes, and she dose well.

then we all see a seen, where at oscorp, burnered dies of a broken heart, cuz he blames himself of his death.

then, at oscorp, the new boss there, dose some exparements, like norman osborn did, but this time with orange stuff, and it gose wrong, and he gets tranceformed into the hobgoblin. but, like the comics, then the hobgoblin is way more powerful then the greengoblin ever was. so then it starts to rampage through the city.

then a villian from part 3 comes back, and its the sandman, but this time, he’s a hero.

then the chife of polise, mr. stacey gets fired, and bruce camble gets hired.

then j jona jamison, wants spider-man dead so badly, that he hires a new villion to kill him, and that villion is the scorpian.

now with mj gone, then who’s the lisered going to take capitve. well, he desides to take Aunt May captive. then, since every one knows about the lisered, so spider-man knows that Aunt May is captive, and so he rushes to her rescue, and just as soon as they get there, then they fight, emediatly. then, when spider-man gets there, then the lisered breaths fire on spider-man , and his mask catches on fire, but he dosen’t burn up, cuz he takes it off, and it burns up on the ground. then Aunt May is looking at her dear nephews face, but she’s in denile, and dosn’t think its spider-man. he dosn’t think anything of it, and keeps on fighting the lisered. then, he can’t find a way to hurt the lisered, but then he finds just 1 way. he lets the lisered burn him up, then eat him whole, and this is cuz, he realizes that the only way to defete him is to shoot web balls, inside of him, and they can’t be digested, then he dies in his sleep, but, unfortantly, spider-man gets digested, and dies. then the symbiote comes off of conners, and gose underground, and thats all you see of it, in part 4, whitch leaves a wide variaty of ideas, for part 5.

but, although the spider-man peter parker dies, then, a new spider man shall be born, (another thing thats untrue to the comics).

if you remember in part 1, at the lab, the spider bit peter parker, and then the character of the spider is gone. but then, (this is a seen kept secrite), but, the spider then, jumps into Harry osborns backpack, and gose to the osborn mantion with him, and it climbs through a whole, into the ciling, and makes a web, and lives up thee, never to come down, for 2 1/2 years. but, now, the character of the spider is back. now, this is a seen, that was kept secrite it part 3, but then, the spider comes down from the ciling, and bites harry. but this time, it takes longer for him to react to it though. (this is a flashback seen, in part 4). then, when you think that harry osborn is dead, then he’s not, he’s tranceforming into the new spider-man. then, he wants to avenge peter parkers death. so, then, to do some good, then he heads to the scorpian, and the hobgonlin, (since they both teemed up), to take them out.

then it turns out, that he can’t stop them alone, so then trillions, apon trillions, of cops came, but that still wasn’t enough, so then this is the reaperence of the sandman.

but then, there still to powerful, so then, so then, finally, a new hero comes into the movies, and its the, black cat. and so with these three heros, then there able to stop the scorpian, but not the hobgoblin. then, twards the end of the movie, then they find out that spider-man wasn’t really dead, (make what ever exuse that you want to make), then the 4 of them together, stops the hobgoblin.

now, your probally wondering what about mj. well nothing for this movie. she’ll come into play again, in a nother movie.

well, this is all i can think of. if you have any questions, then please email me, alright.

well, thanks for listening to my ideas.


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