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Brown’s Baby Blues November 30, 2006

Posted by scartissuemark in The Missing Building Blocks - A Life in my Lungs.

‘For those who have heard the news of British MP Gordon Brown and his wife having a child diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and have subsequently done a search and come across my blog, i have the below statement for you’…

My Mum was very interested in the news tonight and told me of the diagnosis. Obviously little Fraser is gonna have trouble with his illness much like all of us do, but i’d like to share some insight that hopefully will inform everyone that CF is not all doom and gloom.

1. If Fraser attends the Great Ormond Street Hospital as i did, he’ll be treated by some lovely poeple, meet and interact with other sufferers, play games, and have fun in there.

2. There are many CF people who do not present with some or all of the known symtoms, such as having to take Enzymes with meals, or even frequent chest infections. This can lead to a great state of health throughout childhood and adulthood as some only attend hospitals once or twice a year and lead “normal” lives.

3. NOW is probably the best time to be born with CF. In 21 years, when Fraser is my age, he will have available two decades of new research and medications and treatments. I had and elder brother who died before i was born with CF, he died at age 8. Because of new treatments, funds and awareness, i, like many other have liveda much longer life than those before us.

And future generations will live much longer than i will, which isn’t great news for me, but hey, ‘the children are our future’…



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