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I’m back in spirit, my body may not come back though. October 13, 2006

Posted by scartissuemark in The Missing Building Blocks - A Life in my Lungs.

After three weeks of feeling terrible in hospital, i am finally home, now merely feeling bad…

This was my worst admission ever. At first my problems were a chest infection from my usual bug (pseudomonas) and my Oxygen saturations in my blood were low and even lower at night which is what was causing my headaches. I have had to be placed on an oxygen supply, this happens 24/7 now. This is because my lungs are too scarred or weak or full of phlegm to breath in and supply my heart and brain with O2, this causes struggling of my organs especially my heart.
I had always associated going on Oxygen with pre-death, everyone i know/knew who was on Oxygen has died. After oxygen treatment there is the ‘Bipap’ breathing machine’, transplantation and that’s it, no further treatments are available.

As the admission progressed i felt better, then began getting high temperatures, the chills, and the the sweats, i then started feeling unwell again and am only a little better now that i’m home. I have to go back up to the hospital on Monday and may have to go back in or change my IV antibiotics to do here at home. One thing i’m concerned about is that this is as well as i can get now, that i’ve dropped a step in my health, cannot go back and just have to get used to it.

I went a little stir crazy in there after the second week, i had my music, my DVD’s and my psp with me, as well as some books i’ve been meaning to read and yet i couldn’t concentrate on anything, it feels better being at home but i think i’m a little depressed, I don’t get any enjoyment from anything around the house that i used to, except my comfy bed.



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