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The future of Movies (or how i learned to worry about a films story over the actors publicity) September 12, 2006

Posted by scartissuemark in Movie Reviews.

When i sit down to watch a great film that i have as part of my collection, i know two things.. The story, setting or characters have something that i am interested in and, depending on the genre, the actors portray their characters well enough for me to have enjoyed their performance.

Something unfortunate is happening to a great art, that i hope will not continue at the rate it has been. That something, is actors lives overshadowing the story and characters they play.

With communication and digital lifestyles the way they are, we are prone to information that we sometimes we really don’t need to know.

‘Celebrity’ is ruining the stories being put to film…

When a movie is released only film critics and specialist reviewers report on the film and it’s merits itself. Many of the film reviews the public see are more focused on the relationships or troubles or scandals of the actors lives, rather that the characters the actors play.

As an example, when “Something of the worlds” and “Something begins” were released i learned more than i could care about, concerning the actors who starred in the Films. “Mr and Mrs something” was overshadowed by the relationship issues of the actors.

i spend 90 minutes + watching a film because i want to watch an interesting, thought-provoking story, or a Laugh-out-loud comedy that’ll have a spark of meaning, or i hope to see the good guy beat the bad guy, with lots of gratuitous action. I don’t want to start the journey with such a negative, positive or any kind of perspective of the cast. I don’t care about them, i care about the characters they play and knowing too much non-sense about the actors ruins they way you watch the film itself.

As a scriptwriter, one of my worst fears in getting a story that i’ve worked hard on produced, is it being set aside because the lead actor is in the tabloids and made to be more publicised than the story.



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