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The Idiocy of Warner Bros. September 9, 2006

Posted by scartissuemark in Movie Reviews.

When i went to see “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” in the cinema i was very pleased at how good it was, and how it showed the darker atmosphere and more adult tones that the book had. However i, like many fans of the books i’m sure, were disappointed to have not seen the parts concerning the history of the Marauders map, and other scenes from the book that could’ve been integrated without complicating the movie adaption.

As it was, there weren’t many scenes left out. But when the considerably longer book ‘Goblet of Fire’ was adapted and released, there were larger and more essential plot points missing that convoluted the story, as well as scenes like the Quidditch world cup, the weasly’s meeting the dursley’s that were passed over because of time issues.

When it came time for the DVD release of “Goblet of Fire” i had hopeful expectations that because of time constraints in the cinema, but not at home, the studios would of course release an extended edition as was done with the Lord of the rings trilogy. Alas the idiocy of the studios became apparent, They not only had missed a great opportunity to please the fans that were disappointed in the missing scenes but they had had the opportunity to make more money off of the “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire extended edition” that would’ve sold very well.

Having been following the news of the upcoming “Harry Potter and The order of the Phoenix” i am again sorry to hear that the Quidditch scenes have been cut. In the fourth book Quidditch isn’t featured at Hogwarts because of the tournament, only the world cup had the game. In ‘Order of the Phoenix’ there is a large part of the overall story that features Ron Weasly joining the team to prove himself as something more that just famous Harry Potter’s friend and reading it, it is good to see Ron having something of his own to be proud of…

So it seems that this whole arc is going to be cut, and if the studio follows their current business, we fans will not be able to see this on DVD either.



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