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Marvel Nightcrawler Movie (TRAILER) August 25, 2006

Posted by scartissuemark in Screenplay's, Stories, Scripts, Treatments....


Written by Mark Hawkins.


From high in the sky the CAMERA views the vibrant, bustling island of Manhattan in the city known to it’s occupiers as “the big apple”: New York.


As several citizens’ walk along this sidewalk, living out their normal everyday lives a narration begins.

Kurt Wagner Narration
For so long now, I have travelled… From my home in Germany…

A flashback sequence ensues after a dark shadowy mist of teleportation cloud fades …


A blue-skinned, arrow spiked tailed mutant is presented in a large circus setting high above the ground as he swings as an acrobat on cables, poles and rings as the astonished crowds cheer.

Circus Narrator
(German subtitled narration) Quick as a cat, faster than the night, show your appreciation for the death defying… (yell)… Nightcrawler.

In a dark shadowy mist of Nightcrawler’s teleportation cloud the CAMERA returns to the citizens’ on the sidewalk from a different angle as the previous narration continues…


Kurt Wagner Narration
To London…

Another cloud of shadowy teleportation mist appears and disappears to reveal another flashback sequence…


With his arrow spiked tail swaying back and forth below him, the demonic-appearing mutant sits sadly on the large hand of Big Ben at 11:15 pm looking to the night sky.

Another cloud of dark shadowy teleportation mist carries the CAMERA back to the New York sidewalk, as the citizens continue their regular lives…


The continuing narration sounds as the citizens’ walk along the sidewalk.

Kurt Wagner Narration
To the great churches of Moscow…


In a large Victorian-style church the blue-skinned mutant kneels praying to his lord at the altar.

Kurt Wagner (Quiet Praying)
Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom…

Another shadowy teleportation mist guides the CAMERA back to New York…


The narration continues as the CAMERA views the citizens’ walking out their lives on the sidewalk.

The CAMERA views the bowed head of a man walking amongst these citizens’. Wearing a plain black cap covering his spiky blue hair and elf-like ears and long black coloured trench coat covering his other undergarments.

Kurt Wagner Narration
Never have I found peace, acceptance. Only anger, hate and fear.

A small girl walking alongside his father looks to her left and sees that the man next to her has only two fingers and one thumb, his hands are covered by black leather gloves with purple line designs keep his two fingered hands out of the obvious eye-line.

The small girl looks up to the man’s face. From a CAMERA view that is seen through the small girl’s line of sight, the man looks down to her face and removes his black sunglasses.
His yellow eyes glow with evilness and he widens his lips and smiles a friendly smile at the girl. After seeing the man’s bright evil eyes and sharp damaging fangs the girl recoils and hugs her dad’s leg tightly. The man’s smile turns to a frown and he returns his glasses and his head forward facing, a small tear drips down the side of his barely visible blue cheek.

Out of nowhere a scream is heard across the street, the same man, known in the circus as ‘Nightcrawler’ and by few as ‘Kurt Wagner’ turns his head in surprise and looks across the street.


An attractive woman, on this other side of the street is being forcibly held by two men and dragged into an alleyway as onlookers ignore the situation.

Woman screaming

The two men throw the woman down on the pavement, one of the men approaches her from the side and the other blocks her escape to the street.


Back in the other side of the street Nightcrawler acts.
He knocks off his hat and leaps ten feet up in the air to his left and grabs the vertical lamppost with his hands and feet.
The crowd he was amongst gasps in horror as Nightcrawler exposes himself as part of the ‘mutant problem’.
He spins around the pole so that his back is facing the distressed woman across the street.
From underneath the back of his cream coloured trench coat his blue arrow spiked tail emerges and swings up to the horizontal pole holding that holds light bulb, where it wraps around the pole securely.
Nightcrawler uses the strength from his tail and pulls himself up horizontally and over the horizontal pole, he twists his body so that he faces the sky horizontally, he then continues the movement and twists his body around to complete the 360º movement.
He lands horizontally with his feet balanced on the pole, releases his tail and turns around to face the other side of the street. Nightcrawler takes off his glasses and flings them away.
Nightcrawler then runs to the edge of the pole and leaps forward and up toward the alleyway, as he ascends above the middle of the street he raises his knees and disappears in his cloud of dark shadowed teleportation mist.


Across the street, in the alleyway the men prepare to attack the woman.
The CAMERA views the man guarding the street exit and around ten feet of space above him.

NightcrawlerNightcrawler’s dark shadowy teleportation mist appears above this man and Nightcrawler appears. He falls from the sky and lands atop the man’s shoulders with his feet and drives him down on his face behind him. With an upward slash of his arrow spiked tail Nightcrawler cuts a straight line out of the man’s face and forces him up and back onto his back.
On all fours, like a cat Nightcrawler gallops and leaps toward the second thug, his back is now facing the street exit. He jumps up, lifts his legs and with both his hands and feet he grabs onto the thug’s shoulders. He then continues holding on with his hands and he drops the leverage with his legs from the thug’s shoulders to his abdomen.
This change of leverage immediately helps Nightcrawler, he willingly falls back and rolls on his back with the thug being pulled with him and lifted onto his legs. Before he continues the roll over toss and tosses the thug Nightcrawler teleports away with the thug just before the thug flies across the alley.
From his dark shadowy teleportation mist Nightcrawler re-appears high up in the air, both he and the thug are vertically positioned, upside down and Nightcrawler’s back is facing the other direction (the street). With the thug still held by Nightcrawler’s hands behind the thug’s neck and his legs in the thug’s abdomen, Nightcrawler continues the roll over movement up in the air and he launches the thug with his legs. Nightcrawler continues spinning around and drops to the ground on his feet as the thug is pushed away behind him and falls vertically to horizontally and crashes into an alley dumpster.
The CAMERA views the first thug, who is now standing with a long straight-line trail of blood down his face. He is standing with his back to the street, holding a walther PPK pistol and pointing it at Nightcrawler.
The CAMERA views Nightcrawler as the thug opens fire. Nightcrawler gallops toward the thug as he jumps to his left and right to dodge the bullets. After dodging to his left and then right Nightcrawler launches his body and cartwheel jumps to his left, when he reaches an upside down position his dark shadowy teleportation mist surrounds him and he teleports away just as a bullet passes through the fading mist.
For a few brief seconds there is no activity, no Nightcrawler, only the gunman thug, scared to death of this blue demon.

Nightcrawler re-appears in the air and in a continuing a movement he flies to his right, his tail wraps around the last step of a fire-escape ladder and he pulls himself back in the direction he came from as a shot passes where he would have been if he had not pulled away.
Nightcrawler drops to the ground and leaps toward the gunman as the gunman blasts a shot. Nightcrawler is hit and thrown back by the shot; he lands on his side facing the distressed woman with his back to the gunman. As the gunman approaches Nightcrawler, still pointing his gun, Nightcrawler’s tail whooshes up and wraps around the wrist of the man’s gun hand. The tail pulls the man down, forward and a little away from Night crawler. The man hits the ground on his hands and knees and his PPK slides away. In one fast motion Nightcrawler rolls over his side to face the thug, he continues and lifts his body onto his hands, stands vertically on his hands, twists his body around and flips onto his feet to land with one leg positioned on either side of the thug’s right arm. Nightcrawler hops and twists his body; with his legs on either side of the thug’s right arm the twist snaps and breaks the thug’s arm.
Nightcrawler then places his feet under the thug’s shoulder and torso and he leaps up, pulling the thug up and back onto his feet.
As the thug staggers Nightcrawler bends over and his tail launches out and wraps the end around the thug’s neck. The tails lifts and throws the thug up into the air.
With his dark, shadowy teleportation mist Nightcrawler teleports away.
Nightcrawler immediately re-appears above his position and with the thug still remaining in the air, now in front of him, he launches out a two legged dropkick, kicks the thug back and into the same dumpster as he falls horizontally to vertically to land on his hands, knees and feet.


Still sitting on the rain-soaked blacktop; the distressed woman wipes the desiccated tears from her face as she stares with relief and awe at her mysterious saviour.
Across the alleyway Nightcrawler stands up with his face and head en-gulfed in shadow. The woman, now standing, approaches her rescuer.

Oh my god, oh thank you, thank…

As she approaches Nightcrawler with open arms, he backs away toward the street and his shadowed head and face become visible to the woman.
Upon seeing his demon like visage the woman freezes, her eyes widen, her breath quickens and she stares in disbelief and horror.
Nightcrawler sees her expression and recoils his head, he then looks up again, and with a sad expression on his face he looks into her shocked eyes.

Nightcrawler (quietly & sadly)
You’re velcome.

Nightcrawler fades away with his dark shadowy teleportation mist.


NightcrawlerNightcrawler’s dark shadowy teleportation mist appears on the edge of the rooftop of one of the alleyway buildings.
On all fours, heading right, Nightcrawler slowly and painfully gallops out from his teleportation mist and crawls along the edge of the rooftop.
Nightcrawler stops moving, laboriously balances himself on his arms and drops both of his legs down over the inner edge of the rooftop and lands on the rooftop surface, 2 feet below the position of his arms, both still on the heightened edge. He turns around so that his back is to the 2 ft high edge and he gently bends his knees to lower softly to a sitting position with his back resting against the 2 ft high rooftop edging.
He sits, blankly staring forward at the surface of the rooftop, deep in thought of self-pity.
Nightcrawler’s blue arrow spiked tail emerges from his right side, the tail manoeuvres so that becomes positioned in front of Nightcrawler, pointing away with the arrow spiked end bent 180º, pointing toward Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler lifts his head and rests it against the rooftop edging; gloomily looking to the skies.
As if preparing for a sudden movement the arrow spiked end of the tail moves away from Nightcrawler, then toward, then away again and finally it then rushes toward the left side of Nightcrawler and stabs into the rooftop edging, just by his side. The tail returns in front of Nightcrawler and with the arrow spiked end still facing Nightcrawler’s chest, the tail immediately stabs into the rooftop edging by Nightcrawler’s right side.
The tail then backs up away from the rooftop edging again and prepares once more for a stabbing motion.
The tail’s adjusts and the arrow spiked end aims to stab the centre of Nightcrawler’s chest.
Nightcrawler’s tail pulls back and…stops, just short of stabbing himself when a police siren sounds from the street by the building.
With his dark, shadowy teleportation mist Nightcrawler teleports away and re-materialises in a crouching position on the 2 ft high rooftop edge to the right of his former position. From an over the shoulder of Nightcrawler view, far away down the street, a line of police blue, red and white lights are flashing as the siren sounds.


Down the street from the building, a suped-up metallic blue street racer car with a giant red & orange phoenix bird painted over the bodywork speeds past CAMERA to outrun two police cruisers who follow past CAMERA behind.
The CAMERA views the speeding super car from the back left corner of the car as it speeds along the street.
Laying stomach flat on the boot of the car with his legs stretched out inside the car through the opening where the missing rear window glass would be is a masked criminal with a gun in each hand pointing at the pursuing police cruisers.
The laying gunman looks up and fires tens of bullets from his two pistols at the police cruisers’ windshield, tyres etc… The CAMERA views the police cruisers as they swerve to avoid the more precisely aimed shots. From a high up view the CAMERA follows the super-car as it speeds even faster and then drives OUT OF FRAME.


From a high view the CAMERA sees the back of Night crawler standing on the rooftop edge watching as below and down the street the super-car approaches his position.
The CAMERA views the front of Nightcrawler, looking up from his feet up, from the side of the building as he stands on the edge of the rooftop.
In this hero stance chase/action music plays as Nightcrawler leaps off the building and drops down the side.


With the chase/action music playing Nightcrawler falls freely alongside the building. The CAMERA views the end of his tail as it wraps around a horizontal pole from the building’s fire escape. From a full body view his body drops and swings below the horizontal pole to continue and swing his body off to his left.
In a wide variation of seamless flips, somersaults, tails swings, galloping and teleporting Nightcrawler moves along the building side on the framework of the fire escape to match the position and speed of the approaching super-car as the chase/action music plays.
Nightcrawler leaps up onto a walkway and gallops along as behind him on the road the super-car approaches a parallel position to Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler gallops and leaps forward toward a metal barrier, with his dark shadowy teleportation mist he disappears before hitting the barrier.
As Nightcrawler disappears the super-car speeds past below him on the road.


With the chase/action music still playing, the super-car speeds along the street in slow motion as overhead a formation of dark shadowy teleportation accumulates and from out of the mist Nightcrawler appears and leaps forward aiming to land on the roof of the super-car.
Just inches before landing on the roof of the car the screen cuts to black and the designer credits roll to end the film as the music volume rises.

The above images are copyrighted to Marvel enterprises and Darick Robertson and Greg Land, and an unknown artist (not me).



1. Marina - May 3, 2007

I’m intrigued.

2. jayram - September 19, 2007

mind blowin!!!!!!!!!!

3. Maus - December 24, 2007

God I would be happy if this were to become something! I’d be in full crawler garb for the midnight showing… if my friend drug me to midnight spiderman its only right that this wall crawler should be given his due too!

4. CrAwLer - December 30, 2007


5. Noel - February 3, 2008

Is this movie seriously going to be made?! And if so, then WHEN? Please tell me. Thank you so much.

6. vballin - March 18, 2008


7. scartissuemark - March 18, 2008

This is ONLY Fan-Fiction of what i pictured a Night Crawler opening prologue to be like.

I too would love a proper Nightcrawler movie, he is one of the best ever X-Men!!!

8. Aleah - July 21, 2008

I love this I really hope you write more!!! You are very talented!!!

9. d0n - July 25, 2008

cool! yes a movie! and i’m the night crawler! 😉

10. Aura29 - August 6, 2008

I LOVE nightcrawler! They should totally make this into a movie or something! PLEASE, PLEASE write more! I need something to read about Nightcrawler!

11. Amanda - October 14, 2008

you know what would be realy cool is if there was a show about Nightcrawler or something to do with Nightcrawler as the main character.

12. Willis Haley - December 24, 2008

I’m intrigued as well. I totally love the fact that Nightcrawler is finally getting some recognition beyond the pages of a comics. He’s a hero that we can identify with well into our late twenties and even later. A film based on him would speak volumes to anyone who truly knows how it feels to be misunderstood.

13. Madysen - March 18, 2009

Love it! Maybe you could finish it up and send it in somwhere for consideration of a movie deal. I have no doubt you’d spark some interest with this script–it’s extremely well written and true to the character’s personality.

I’d tried doing something similar a few years ago after Nightcrawler disappeared from the X-movies but due to my age, I don’t think I’d get very far. -_- But this script is amazing! I think it’d be great if you tried to do something with it. =D (It’d be doing a great favor to those of us getting tired of all the Wolvie hype. LOL)

14. Mark - March 19, 2009

Thanks so much everyone, i really appreciate all of your comment, thanks for reading and taking the time!!!


Nightcrawler - October 9, 2010

Any time man. Hope you write more. Wish you the best of luck making this into a movie. F.Y.I. I’m Nightcrawler(‘s # ! fan of all time so you would be doing me an extremely awesome favor). Peace!!!!!!!!

15. Katherine - April 22, 2009

I would totally watch this movie. It should seriously get made into one. people are all obsessed with Wolverine and Maggie and stuff but you know Nightcrawler is a very interesting yet underappreciated X-man.

16. down&outDaytripper - June 25, 2009

I was all excited when I thought it was real awwww
well marvel should really really do a nightcrawler movie
but they’ve been screwing around with that wolverine stuff and I guess their doing a magneto thing next tsk WTF where’s the luv?

17. Rachel B - August 28, 2009

I think someone should definatly do a nightcrawler movie, it would have so much potential! Nightcrawler is such an interesting and complex character! But I think they should wait a while, until X2 and X3 had blown over, because I definatlty think they should use a different actor than alan Cumming, and I think it would be more sucessful if it wernt connected to the X2 movie.

18. susanna - August 31, 2009

mark u absolutely have to send this in to a movie company like universal or 20th century fox the world is incredibly deprived of nightcrawler it’s always wolverine and/or magneto. Nightcrawler id 10 times better than them and it’s time he got a movie to prove. there are so many nightcrawler fans out there including myself who crave a movie about their favorite unusual and amazing x-men and this script is amazing and your very talented and you should present this to a movie studio they might just like it.

19. meee - October 21, 2009

Its okay but the fight scene with the thug took too long nightcrawler could have had that thug done an over with in two seconds I thinks its an okay story line but its just not Kurt Wagner worthy

Nightcrawler - October 9, 2010

You suck for saying that meee.

20. C.J. - November 21, 2009

If this was made into a movie I would so watch it! The crawler is no doubt the best x-men ever. The only thing I would change is the thug scene make it just a bit shorter and it would totally sell

21. Nightcrawler - October 9, 2010

Nightcrawler is the best I say they either make this a movie or their gay

22. Nightcrawler - October 9, 2010

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE write more Night crawler (me) is the most awesome xme scratch superhero ever. I hope this becomes amovie. If it did it’d be my favorite movie of all time please write more. Peace.

23. Nightcrawler - October 9, 2010

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE write more Night crawler (me) is the most awesome xman scratch that superhero ever. I hope this becomes a movie. If it did it’d be my favorite movie of all time please write more. Peace.

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