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V for Vehemently, viciously, victorious in venture!! August 24, 2006

Posted by scartissuemark in DVD Collection, Movie Reviews, Must Haves.

V VendettaHaving recently delved into the Graphic novelisation medium and the Movie adaptions of character driven stories, i am pleased to have watched and thus review this London-based film of greatness. V for Vendetta is a film about a masked freedom fighter called simply “V”, his mission is to bring about a revolution in the dictatorship governed dystopian view of future England. I feel i need to mention that as a Londoner i did not find this film to be disrespectful of current events in the world such as the July 7th 2005 bombings, as it is fictional and meant to show us what society is not allowed to become.

V for vendetta“V” himself is a memorable, eloquent character. A seemingly peaceful, educated and refined man, only driven to violence to preserve freedom for himself the masses and serve up a little vengeance too. Watching Hugo Weaving play him is a delight as he expresses such passion, and love, and peace without using his face , which of course is concealed behind the striking Guy Fawkes mask .

Natalie Portman V Vendetta

Natalie Portman once again performs admirably, proving the caliber of actress she is, and the level of commitment she takes in her work. Supporting characters all work wonderfully, most notably, Stephen Fry and the convincing John Hurt.

What i loved about this film is that it is a hero film with a purpose, The characters are all involved because it would be cowardly not too, the hero is a hero because he acts but the film is not about how he acts (although there are some good knife scenes), it is about why he acts, something that is missing from other superhero movies out there.

The message is clear… Freedom is Life and Life is what you make it.



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