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Spider-Man Scene August 23, 2006

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Written by Mark Hawkins.

INTERIOR: New York City bus — driving.

Two men with bulky jackets get on and stand in the middle with the other passengers.
The two men each pull out a weapon. The first man pulls out handheld gun and the other pulls out a steel baseball bat.

GUNMAN (yelling)
Nobody move!

The gunman points the gun at all the passengers. His partner walks up to the driver.

MAN WITH BAT (yelling and instructing)
keep driving.

The gunman hands over his rucksack to the passengers.

GUNMAN (to the passengers)
Okay. Your wallets, jewellery and watches. Now.

EXTERIOR: City. Building tops.

Spider-man, the red and blue clad protector of New York swings on his web and drops onto the roof of the bus.

INTERIOR: City bus.

Everyone on the bus looks up as they here a thump from Spider-man’s landing.

EXTERIOR: City bus.

Spider-man crawls to a along the roof of the bus.

INTERIOR: City bus.

As everyone screams in terror the gunman starts shooting wildly up through the roof in an effort to hit the dashing wallcrawler.

EXTERIOR: Spider-man on the roof of the captive bus.

As the shots tear through the roof Spider-man rolls to the right side of the bus and rolls off and onto the right side of the bus.
As he sticks, with his hands and feet to the side of the bus, the gunman still doesn’t realise he has moved.

INTERIOR: City bus.

The gunman realises that his target has moved and is sticking to the side.

GUNMAN (angrily)

He starts to move and shoots at Spider-man through the glass.

EXTERIOR: Right side of the bus.

Spider-man rolls along the bus so his back is facing the passenger then his front again when the gunman shoots at him. He punches through the non-broken glass and shoots web from his left hand that knocks the gun out of the crooks hand. Spider-man holds on with his hands and kicks off when the other crook with the bat swings through the glass. He swings his legs back down onto the panel below the glass.
The crook pushes his bat through the open hole as Spider-man kicks off again this time he rolls onto the roof of the bus and stands up.
On the roof Spider-man does a back flip, grabs the back of the bus and swings his body through the glass window at the back.
As he lands he shoots two web shots to knock the gun out of the first crooks hands. He then blocks the second crooks punch and punches him in the stomach and webs him to the wall.
Spider-man then webs the first crooks feet as he is running for the door and pulls him to the ground. He shoots a web-net onto the crook lying on the floor of the bus that traps him.

SPIDER-MAN (to the bus driver)
Stop the bus.

SPIDER-MAN (to the passengers)
You’re free to go.

Spider-man runs off the bus, leaps onto a car and shoots a web to swing away.



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