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GOD’s Sins… Mankind’s and The Lord’s August 1, 2006

Posted by scartissuemark in Interests, thoughts and Opinions.

I am an opinionated person and i guess due to living with CF i occasionally question the role of GOD.
So every so often i will have a long discussion with my sister, and maybe go on-line checking out different aspects of the church.
One i continue to come back to is SIN. Namely the sins that condemn mankind’s natural urges.

For instance i have/had depression for a few years now. I don’t find much enjoyment or desire or drive for anything, according to the Church i am Sloth-ful and therefore am committing a deadly sin worth punishment in Hell if i do not confess AND repent.

For this and many similar reasons I can’t get my head around some of Catholisism and thus GOD’s rules…

This is not a matter of Faith, i believe in GOD, i just don’t believe in the church organisation anymore or the texts they have passed down.
I guess what i am saying is that Man cannot be trusted. For 2000 years, to keep the word of GOD true to it’s actual conceived meaning is unlikely. Men are animals, we are wicked (and sinful?) by nature. I guess you could call what i am saying a conspiracy theory but unlike most. what i am thinking has no winner, loser or profit. I believe that many Sins were fabricated by the church as a way of keeping the masses in-line, then.

To me, the only Sins that can be logically true are those that HARM PEOPLE, murder, beating, rape, bullying, belittling and abusing. Those who hurt people and continue to hurt people do not have reasonably sense, it is not a sin forgivable in life…

Other sins like Lust, Anger, Sloth, Envy and Pride do not make sense… WE are born with these urges and since GOD created us it seems he is dramatically vengeful at those who do what comes naturally.
GOD created us with these attributes, for GOD to change mindset and cast us to hell seems very stupid for one so Omnipotent. It’s the same as original sin, why should we pay for our ancestor’s mistakes. When Eve was tempted by the serpent, she had temptation in her creation/DNA, GOD gave that to her, otherwise she wouldn’t be interested. Instead of casting Adam & Eve out to be mortal, shouldn’t GOD of just killed them and created life again without lust, temptation, and so forth in mind.

If i were to build a car that when tested had bad steering control would i send it into mass production, No. I would redesign the control system and create the next prototype, GOD would’ve done the same, i think we are meant to be what we are and not what the church tells we should become.



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