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Will lust lead to destruction? July 6, 2006

Posted by scartissuemark in Interests, thoughts and Opinions.

In many future-based films and science-fiction books, the world takes on a censored, sheltered existence in order to suppress disease, war, hate, etc. To do this they abstain from all the pleasure’s in life. For example sex, which leads to sexually transmitted diseases , red meat and smoking , which leads to ill health. Bad language, anti-social behaviour, pornography, violent films and more are outlawed in order to not provide temptation and therefore passion, anger, intensity which is thought that leads to the downfall of civilised society.

The idea that by cutting out what gives the mind pure freedom, all are standardised with regulation thought, emotions and actions without testosterone and other factors to corrupt ones peace and make them strike out..

I think it is fair to say that unless mankind is rebooted, we will never ‘go back’ to a world without sin and temptation because to do so infringes on our right to choose who we are and what we like, people wouldn’t let the government set a standard and force all to conform or be punished.

Our world is full of sadness… murder, rape, bigotry, war, hate, assault, and if i’m right in thinking, these actions are thought to happen because we are ‘too free’ to indulge in the thoughts and passions that the future-based films ban in order to ban the harmful actions and repercussions from taking place.

Are we destined to allow (in a large sense) these acts to remain ‘free’? Will we evolve further into wanting more and more and raising the bar higher and higher each time? What happens when the bar is so high that what we want is too much? Will we stop then? Will we descend into dystopia?

Does lust to destruction?



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