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Escape From South Park (NY) July 3, 2006

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Snake Plissken 'Arrested'The 4th Grade class stared to the doorway, a kid stood there, new to the class, but known far and wide, he was the youngest kid to be honoured by Trent Boyett for the most inflicted purple heart bruises in a inter-grade dodgeball war. He twisted a record 537 purple nurples to his enemies at Leningrad Elementary in North Park. ‘Dude that’s Nate Lissken’ said Stan, ‘Asshole, Nate Lissken’s Taller’ said Cartman. ‘Well gee wizz, who is this Lissken fella’ said Butters, He skipped out on his parents and Escaped from Cleveland, they didn’t find him for 2 years’ informed Kyle. ‘This is Nate’ said the teacher, ‘come tell us a little about yourself’ Nate drops his brown cigarette steps on it, looks ahead to his fellow kids and says ‘call me Lissken’.
Snake Plissken
On the street Jimmy Valmer approaches Nate. ‘Hello…Lissken’ he says, Nate stares back at him with a waiting look, ‘I heard you was a turr…a turrr-f… cust…omer and i was wer…werrr werrrndering if you ker…could help me…verry much’…’the…sss…sss…the sssixth graders toook Timmy‘s sh…sherrrr…shoes’. ‘Who’s Timmy’ Nate says. ‘…th-there he is’. Jimmy nod to across the street where Timmy is driving along in his wheelchair, he turns his head and looks back across the street, ‘Jimmaaaah, Timmaaaah’ Timmy says as he waves with his free hand. ‘Hi-tim tim’ jimmy responds. Nate looks back to Jimmy ‘What dy’a want from me’ Nate says. ‘werrrrrll you get them ba…baah..ck, i’ll give you t-ten dollars’.
Snake Plissken
His Mission has begun. Nate walks down 3rd/8th street in old south park. He carries with him his kidney juice in a super soaker, ready to defend against any 6th grader attack. Out of the shadows a spiky-haired kid appears, he whistles, and is then flanked by a gang. Nate pumps the weapon and shoots two at the approaching kids, he soaks another two and grabs the spiky haired leader. ‘where’s you boss!’ he says, ‘Don’t hurt me Lissken… yeah i know who you are… i thought you were dead’. ‘Where!’ Nate yells, ‘clubhouse!, backyard, house 10 on 29th street’ the kid says. ‘don’t nurple me Lissken’ he pleads. ‘…call me Nate’ he retorts, he then releases the kid.
Snake Plissken Ring Battle
At the house on 29th street, Nate stands below the tree clubhouse and grabs a baseball bat and a trashcan lid, he takes off his shirt and bangs the lid with the bat. Three members of the 6th graders look out and see him, ‘i’m coming up for the kids shoes’ Nate says. He begins climbing the ladder, a moment later a water balloon is dropped and he uses the lid as a should to protect himself from the red paint inside. He reaches the clubhouse and swings the bat bursting their supply of paint-balloons. He drops the armour and tittytwists two of the gangs subordinates, they cry holding their chests on the floor as Nate approaches the leader. ‘here, take’em, just get outta here’. Outside the clubhouse a wail of ‘ouch!’ is heard from inside and Nate appears and climbs down the ladder with Timmy’s shoes and the bat.
Snake Plissken Ring Battle After
Nate is more than halfway back, he checks the time and see that he has only has ten more minutes to run a fifteen minute distance in order to get the shoes to Jimmy and Timmy before Timmy has to be home otherwise Nate won’t get his ten bucks. He starts running, his skin feels sticky from the paint splatters that hit him back at the clubhouse. Three minutes left as he rounds a corner…. Two to go… He lands on Timmy’s street… 58 seconds to go as he meets Jimmy and Timmy heading for Timmy’s house… He tosses the shoes onto Timmy’s lap. ‘Timmaaaah’ he says as he point to his shoes. ‘Thank you very muh…much… Liiiiis-ken. Here you gah…Go’ Jimmy says as he hands Nate the money. ‘Take this, if they bother Timmy again, use it!’ He hands Jimmy the bat. ‘Say would y-you like to com in and have sss…sssome Juice’. Nate responds ‘I’m too tired, maybe later’



The above character designs are partially my own (photoshop) and a website’s web app…

I would like to Thank the creative people at http://www.sp-studio.de/ for their great software which made these “Snake Plissken” characters possible.



1. amy - June 20, 2008

that was an awesome story!!!!!!! i wuz ROTFLing the whole time!!!! you should send this to the makers of south park i would totally watch that show!!!!!!!! you are a great storyteller!!!!!!!!!

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